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About Me

I am a Brooklyn native with family roots dating back to the early 1800s. I love my city, my borough, and my neighborhood. 


Many people talk about the vibrancy of NYC, the urgency that sets it apart from other places. I find that each neighborhood has a unique look and energy. Walk a mile in any one of the boroughs and you will find different architecture, aromas, sounds, views, colors. Extraordinary.


My mother was an educator and a big believer in the teachable moment, pointing out things of interest wherever we went. Growing up with the encouragement to really look at what was happening around me greatly influenced my photography. My eye is drawn to energy – a child about to laugh, the sun glinting off the petals of a flower, an ocean wave about to crest. My style is best described as capturing candid moments, whatever the subject.


Witnessing these moments gives me joy. Documenting them, especially for kids and families, makes my heart sing.





My library of images is available for sale in a variety of sizes- digital, matted, and framed. Please inquire about prices.

Children and Families

I specialize in capturing candid images of children and families. Please inquire about rates and availability.


Available for parties, fundraisers, sports, art exhibits, group outings, performances, corporate events, business launches, photo documentation... I generally work alone using available and natural light, allowing me to move freely and unobtrusively. Along with key shots and group poses, I focus on capturing candid moments. I am available to travel. Please inquire about rates and availability 

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